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  • Wind Weasel's Phantom Sigh skill appears in several daemons, such as Rat Clan Koko, Dark Elf, and Brenda. Wind Weasels may be used in order to increase their skill level.
  • Both forms are best used in a Phantom Attack team.
  • Best used in a tagging team, as they are easy to obtain and their skills can be maxed easily.
  • Zynga Support confirmed that Wind Weasel is Male. His description used to refer to him as a female; this was fixed sometime in August 2013.
  • Along with Kaede and Pillow Phantom, he was present in Chapter Eight: A Vengeful Spirit Returns when Emperor Sutoku had been resurrected.
  • When encountering him in the "Ayakashi Anniversary Tower" event, his skill for increasing Phantom defense will activate. However, it does not show his own defense increasing like normal. This may be a glitch, as after defeating him, his name is shown as Anima.

More Quotes


  • Main: "This won't hurt a bit..."
  • Skill: "I'm counting on you! Okay?"


  • Main: "Other blades are no match for my sickles!"
  • Skill: "The hunt is on!"

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