Main Origin Quotes and Fun Facts Gallery


  • Venus is best used for Divina Teams
  • Venus is one of the daemons to not increase in rarity after transmigration (not in the case of ++ form).
  • She brought Galatea to life according to mythology.

More Quotes

Original and ++

  • Main: "Allow me to bless you with love and beauty."
  • Skill: "Never fear, I shall protect you with my love"
  • Pre-Transmigrate: "Oh heavens, my body is burning up. <Player's Name>, I believe that I can reach new heights of loving power!"

Ultimate and ++

  • Main: "My heart shall become filled with love towards you."
  • Transmigration: "I shall give you all the love that I have!"
  • Skill: "Beauty is the true justice! Let us go!"

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