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BLOOD: A Story of Mysteries (Chapter One)

DeadBeatZ August 22, 2013 User blog:DeadBeatZ



CHAPTER 1 - See below.


A surprised Ren saw how the gates suddenly opened... That made Azrad hiding once again in Ren's pants...

"I think it's expecting us..." Ren paused for a while,

"Sheesh... Let's get outta here while it's the chance..." Azrad tried to convince Ren but once again stopped by Ren's words,

"Nah-ah. They're open. You'll go in first or I'll GO first." Ren seriously said,

"Rocks-papers-scissors?" Azrad instead asked, "Fine," Ren replied, "The loser will come in... FIRST."

They did rocks-papers-scissors, Ren did a scissor, Azrad did a paper...

"Aw, man!" Azrad said sadly... He quietly walks inside the mansion, making Ren follow him,making the gates close with a sound "Krrrrrghhhhh....!!!"

It led them to a bloody hedge maze, inside the map they picked up earlier was a pamphiet that reveals instructions for the hedge maze:

"Hello, visitor! You will join the first challenge for your flesh; The Bloody Hedge Maze! Escape the hedge maze while escaping one... erm... two ghost assassins! Get caught and get your last words! Hee heee heeee! Hurry up... you've got 3 minutes before the Ridge Crypt closes and ends your life. Mwahahahaha!" Written on the pamphiet.

Before they could start a large bush peeks out, separating the two and Az is joined with a lad,

The setting really meant to creep anyone who'll enter: Rotten corpses, bushes covered in blood, a fresh human heart in the side, and a human head that screams for help...

The challenge starts, The lad and Az got on different paths while Ren is calm, running, hurrying for that 3 minute time limit, The lad encountered one of the assassins... The boy tried to run away, he tried to destroy a hedge by his shoulder but it bled, he didn't knew why, he tried again to hit the hedge with its head. Unfortunately his brain stopped, paralyzing him, letting the assassin catch him. None is known at his fate; it revealed that the hedges have thorns with it avoiding it to be destroyed and instead, bleeding the victim to death, hardening the challenge.

Az and Ren heard the lad's scream before his death, while creept Az's spine with the fact he's alone separated with his best friend.

"Ack... Ren, where are you?!?!?" Az hurriedly tried to find Ren.

One and a half minutes are left in the clock for the two to reach the Ridge Crypt, not even halfway in the maze have been completed by both teens, both hazardly avoided two things; the thorns in the hedges and the ghost assassins that are moving around to kill them,

Both was reunited again in one path that made both happy to see each other... "Ren!" Az exclaimed

"Az! Ya' okay?" Ren was concerned... But that reunition was interrupted by the two ghost assassins...

"Okay... Ahhh... We need to sprint as fast as we can to reach THAT -- the Ridge Crypt..." Ren plans as they see the Ridge Crypt with the little time of 12 seconds left...

They runned the best they can, but Az stumbled from a rock, having him fall to the ground...

"Run, my friend. I should die." Az said, his eyes turning to tears...

"No! We should run together, if you'll die here, I will die for you!" Ren encouragely said,

Ren lifted the wounded Azrad in his back and ran as fast for the best he can do...

Five seconds left, Ren smiled, signalling Az something,

"Oh no, we can't do it..." Az said, disagreeing to the plan,

"Believe in YOURSELF." Ren said, he was confident they can do it...

"1... 2... 3... Go!" Ren shouted to Az.

They slided through the gate, it was a miracle... they passed through the gate. Unfortunately the lad, Az met died at the first challenge, Az treated it like his own little brother,

Azrad looked back at the hedge maze, as he sees it closed, tears started to fall from his cheek...

"That boy... he's a nice boy... He died for us..." Az emotionally cried...

He tries to return the event, he did a flashback...

The scene switches back to the bloody hedge maze before the challenge starts.

"Hey, what's your name?" Az kneeled to the child saying a friendly voice

"M-m-me...? Uhh... AK... But they call me Frost," The child cheerfully smiled, "You, mister. What is your name?" Frost asked.

"My name is Azrad; you can call me Az, good child. Heh..." Az smiled at Frost,

The flashback ended...

"I'll promise... I'll not let anymore child or innocent person to die. I will NOT!" An enraged voice rised over Az,

"Let's walk instead these hallways and look at this pamphiet. Don't worry, we will not let the innocent children to die. Don't worry..." Ren smiled at Az, losing his tears and making him follow Ren...

As they advance to the hallways, they encounter indigo-colored fire lighted in red torches, looking like a temple until they walk to wood that gets destroyed because of the boy's weight, having them fall down...

"Aaaaah!!!" Ren screamed as they fall down the darkness. An unknown legacy waits for them in the bottom.

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