• Hi Ryuu I have another question.

    Do people stop putting stats into attack and defense at one point, because their cards only require a X amount?

    I ask this because I now have enough spirit to use my best cards in my deck. I do plan on using better cards of course, but I don't have any at this moment.

    I see some people with 200+ defense points, surely they don't have a 5-card deck that requires that much?

    Thanks in advance, ciao.

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    • Yeah, they don't. Like me, I don't need as much defense or atk as I need. But at the same time, it's still helpful. For example, when you battle ppl, and say your actual need of spirit is 150, but you have a max of 200, you only use up 150. So, you have 50 spirit left, which requires less time to regenerate, instead of waiting the full 150 minutes. It comes useful into events for sure, such as conquest ones.

      Also, high defense tends to be a good bluff against ppl. The higher your defense max is, and you have a pretty good leader, but an actually low defense, all the ppl see are your level, leader, and max. So, they think you'd actually be pretty good, but you could actually be bluffing.

      (and its not like you need that much health anyways...)

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    • I see, thanks mate. 

      Those events are fun, I've only experienced one now. So much to see :D

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    • Haha, just you wait.

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