• Defense is for when someone is attacking you.  No you do not need attack points when you are defending.

    Attack is for when you are trying to attack someone.  Defense is not needed.  Attack teams and Defense teams are completely different.

    Um... Whats PvE.  I don't really know what the best kind of team is cause everyone has different cards.  You should use your strong ones cause multiple weak ones are pretty useless and they don't really do much for you.  

    I think some battles are script for you to lose cause I'm like pretty strong but I tend to lose some against some guys.

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    -Whoa I just found out that admins send these messages automatically (Message below)

    -Are you really a guy?  Cause your icon is this creepy woman and your name sort of sounds like a girl?

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    • Answering some questions not covered:

      PvE is player vs. environment, so I'm assuming you mean when encountering daemons in investigation. That automatically picks your best attack daemons, and does not use any attack spirit at all. Whether you will win or not depends on your daemon strength. 

      Yes, some battles are scripted for you to lose, such as you facing Dora for the first time with Nyx and Hemera. (I think...) Or facing Eisuke the first time too.

      How come mine doesn't send messages automatically? :'(

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    • maybe it's cause your a newer admin

      (I actually think it's wierd)

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    • Cool, thanks for the answers. Yes I'm a guy. I have this avatar because it's just awesome :)

      Tbh I thought Hyunato sounded more male ^_^

      What would be the fastest way to level up your cards? Coins included. I tried the 4 star Magamata's, but they only seem good in the beginning.

      Also, I have a lot of 3 star cards at level 1 I don't use. Do I use them for fusing or do I level them up anyway to occasionally boost my attack or defense team?

      For example, if I use 80/83 defense spirit, a level'd up Kaede will fill that gap of 3 spirit and add some defense to the team, however little it may be. This still happens a lot on my team ranging from 1 star to 3 star cards.

      Thanks in advance :)

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    • Just leveling up would probably be 4 star magatamas. If you're rather far into the story, and you have most of the sealed daemons, but a lot of extra stones, you could fuse those with your daemons. For example, I have a ton of Hare of Inaba stones, but no Hare of Inaba (fused away... -_-). It's still a divina 4 star magatama though, so I just battle for 2 stones, which aren't that hard to get, and then fuse them. A quicker way to fuse them is to just stock up on those magatamas too, and then do a bulk fusion of ten for a really big boost (high leveled daemons or not).

      If you're more focused on leveling skills, best way would be fusing with daemons with the same skill type (e.g. Chang'e with Ameno Uzume -->War Dance). There's been speculation that fusing with other daemons of different types with regular fusion can also bring the skill level up to 20 (just not on 3 star daemons). [e.g. Fusing Giara with a whole bunch of phantom pillows or dartz. Be sure not to do bulk fusions or with the daemons of the same type, since it brings her level up quicker than her rate of skill level ups]. It's still not proven yet, but to me, it looks like its working. 

      Also, on another note for the skill leveling up. If you daemon has a same skill level as another, say Chang'e and Ameno Uzume again, but say Chang'e is maxed at level 60 with a skill of 15, you can still fuze her with Ameno, and her skill level will rise (although the exact amount I'm not sure). It's happened to me twice though. But I haven't done it with daemons with different skills (e.g. Goddess of Misfortune and Ameno Uzume).

      For your 3 stars, it's really up to you. You could always fuse them, or wait until you have daemons of the same skill type to bulk fuse, having a bigger effect on leveling up. You could also sell them. If there's a conquest event though, it'd be best to keep them and level them up, since it would take your top 10 daemons to fight the beast, and it's nice to have "filler daemons", which are daemons that fill the cracks between the large spirit requirements. Really, it's all your choice. I personally don't use them on a day to day basis, but on the slight chance that an event does pop up, then I'd focus on them.

      Hope that's a lot to read.. o.O You're a guy? Everyone on this wiki are guys...I think. Hyunato...never heard that name before... (in japanese culture...)

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    • I guess it's a guy thing to look up a website of a game to learn more about it :) 

      Thanks again, I'll try focussing on leveling up my good cards for now. 

      That reminds me, is it possible to edit the spirit requirement of cards? I looked up my card and it wasn't correct. Perhaps it was one of those cards which had it's spirit reduced. 

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    • Yeah, just go to the page, at the top, it says edit with a pencil next to it (in yellow). When you click on it, you're sent to a page. There should be a green puzzle piece on that page. Hover over it, and then go down at the bottom of the pop-up to edit. Then scroll to the spirit requirement and change it :D

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    • Thanks, done :)

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