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Poli'ahu is the Hawaiin goddess of snow.  She is thought to reside on Mauna Kea, which if measured by the seafloor, is the tallest mountain in the world.  She is seen as an otherwordly beauty and appears in two legends. The first Legend: Poli'ahu comes to Hawaii and meets a guy and they both fall in love.  Poli'ahu then finds out that the guy is betrothed to the Hawaiin Princess, so she leaves him.  Before she leaves Hawaii, Poli'ahu curses the princess by freezing her to death and turning the cold into heat.  Then she does the same to the guy.  The second Legend: Poli'ahu is challeneged to a race by a hawaiin girl and accepts her challenge.  Poli'ahu easily beats the first and second race.  In the third race, the girls reveals herself to be Pele, the goddess of volcanoes.  She turns the ground into lava and then Poli'ahu runs up a mountain.  Poli'ahu then throws snow at the lava and froze confining it to the Southern Island's end.  

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