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Mushy in the game, Montopia!

  • Best used in a Divina Attack or Defense team.
  • She is labeled as [SP] Milly in the Campaign page.
  • The creature on her head is a mushy.
  • Her Skill Golden Mushy's Blessing, is named after a Golden Mushy which was a monster obtainable in Montopia!
  • In Montopia!, Milly plays the role as your Childhood friend, and as a guide similar to Mira
  • Milly is the weakest Rarity 3 Daemon.
    • Though she is the weakest Rarity 3 Daemon, Milly is one of the best daemons in efficiency with 10 spirit, only having Mechanical Orange Beating her in Attack, and Frankie #2 beating her in both.

More Quotes

  • Main: "Hello there! I'm Milly. I can't believe how many cool monsters there are in this world!"
  • Skill: "Hey there, everybody! Lend me a hand, okay?"

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