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  • Marsha is best placed in an attack team for her skill.
  • Marsha once had a whopping spirit of 66, however, Zynga had changed it back to 36 spirit.
  • Marsha is best fused with Marsha Magatama.

Controversy with Marsha

When Marsha was first announced, Zynga did not provide her spirit costs. This lead to the big surprise of Marsha having a whopping 66 spirit cost, which left many players disgruntled over their limited edition reward. With hundreds of complaints heading to Zynga, Marsha has been lowered down to her current state of 36 spirit, making her a usable daemon in competitive play.

More Quotes

  • Main: "When's your birthday then?...Oh really! Okay, then...Now describe your ideal partner."
  • Skill: "Here we go... The latest data on your enemy's weak points."

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