This is a list of Magatama:

Note: experience is increased by 15% if fused to the correct class of daemon, and an additional 50% bonus experience if a big fusion success occurs. This is multiplicative, so a phantom daemon consuming a phantom magatama will gain 1.15*1.5 = 1.725 = 72.5% bonus experience.

  • Warning: Bulk fusion of magatama reduces the big fusion success bonus to 25%. Do not use bulk fusion for magatama as there is no upside to this.

Rarity 1

Rarity 1 Magatama gives 143 base exp.

Rarity 2

Rarity 3

Rarity 3 Magatama gives 688 base exp.

Rarity 4

Rarity 4 Magatama gives 718 base exp.

Rarity 5

Rarity 5 Magatama gies 2442 base exp.

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