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Mackandal coin haiti

Haitian coin (20 gourdes) bearing the image of François Mackandal, leader of a slave rebellion, 1968.

François Mackandal (died 1758) was a Haïtian Maroon leader in Saint-Domingue. He was an African who is sometimes described as Haitian vodou priest, or houngan. Some sources describe him as a Muslim, leading some scholars to speculate that he was from Senegal, Mali, or Guinea, though this assertion is tenuous given the lack of biographical information from this era, and is highly contested. Haitian historian Thomas Madiou states that Mackandal "had instruction and possessed the Arabic language very well." But given the predominance of Haitian Vodou on the island, most assume Mackandal to be associated with this faith instead. In the book "Open door to Liberty," Mackandal was mentioned, talking about his life as a voodoo priest and joining Maroons to kill whites in Saint Domingue, till when he was burned alive by one of his allies.

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