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  • Lancelot is best used in a Divina attack team.
  • Arondight is his sword, which he is most likely holding in both forms of his artwork.

More Quotes


  • Main: "You are <Player's Name>? Then show me what you are capable of, in the name of the King."
  • Skill: "Can you withstand my blows?"
  • Pre-transmigration: "I am filled with admiration, <Player's Name>. I have decided that you are a worthier recipient of my services than the King."
  • Entrance in Shop: "I received an order personality from King Arthur to scout for someone powerful enough to become a Knight of the Round Table."


  • Main: "Let's get moving. A glorious trail of victory awaits us, <Player's Name>."
  • Skill: "Let me give you a demonstration of the Round Table Knights' sword skills."
  • Transmigrate: "You were not destined to serve, <Player's Name>. You should clear your own path - build your own future." A knight from Arthurian legend, and the leader of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. He has sensed that one agent has rather unique abilities, and has promised to help this agent prepare for the future.
  • Encounter in Shop: "If I judge that you really have what it takes, then I shall do everything I can to ensure you begin a new, exciting chapter of your life..."

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