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  • The name 'Suzuka' means bellflower, which explains the red bellflowers in her hair.
  • Lady Suzuka is a very good daemon used in an attack team as she raises all daemons attack. It is worth getting her sealstones, and can be used for a very long time.
  • Ultimate form is best fused with Lady Suzuka Magatama. She can also be fused with Gregory who has the same skill.
  • A good strategy for transmigrating her is battling for Hare of Inaba or Kaguya magatama, or farming crystal magatama in chapter 2-2-1. Save Lady Suzuka magatama for when she has transmigrated into her ultimate form.

More Quotes


  • Main: "Do you not quail at my terrifying appearance?"
  • Pre-transmigration: "Say, <Player's Name>. It appears that I can transform further. Do you wish for me to become stronger?"
  • Release: "Who was it that summoned me? Do you not regret your action now that you have beheld my atrocity?" A heavenly being from ancient Japanese folklore. Loathing her own demonic power, she imprisoned herself in a sealstone and fell into a deep sleep.


  • Main: "I am happy to let you use my power..."
  • Transmigration: "Use me as you see fit, Master!"
  • Skill: "This is true demonic power!  You better believe it!"

Story ver.

  • Main: "This power... As long as it is in your hands, I know no evil will occur." A heavenly being from the Suzuka mountains, known for her peerless beauty. She appears in ancient Japanese folklore. Despite being a demon princess and the daughter of the fourth demon king, she has always loved humanity.
  • Skill: ""

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