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"Kiyohime Changes from a Serpent" by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka.

Kiyohime is actually the Nure-onna, which means Wet woman. Kiyohime fell in love with a handsome priest that was passing through town and eventually they both fell in love. Later the priest fell in love with another woman. Kiyohime became jealous and chased him down until they got to a river. The priest got on the only boat, but Kiyohime kept swimming in the river and eventually she turned into a woman with the lower body of a snake. The priest saw her coming, ran to a temple and hid in a bell. Kiyohime traced his scent and banged on the bell several times. The bell melted, eventually killing the priest. Another tale tells that the Nure-onna holds a bundle that resembles a baby and will ask people to carry it. When the person discovers it is not a baby, the Nure-onna sucks the blood from its victim.

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