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  • Kiri is one of the strongest sealstone daemons and is best used in an Anima attack team. He is also best kept, because of his very high attack effiency.
  • It is best fused with a (maxed) Kotetsu or Barbetta (Ultimate) to increase the skill level, because their skill is identical, in name and effect, to Kiri's.
  • It is also best fused with Kiri Magatama.

More Quotes

  • Main:"A slicing awaits those who defy Master Masamune!"
  • Skill: "Those who draw close will be sliced!"
  • Release: "Be you commander or candlestick, I shall cut you down!" The soul of Date Masamune's treasured sword. After Masamune's death, he imprisoned himself in a sealstone and fell into a deep sleep.

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