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  • Her original form is best used in a defense team for beginners, but it is better to use Azuki as she has higher defense, same spirit, and a skill for raising defense.
  • Kaguya Hime is best used in any Divina team or as a leader.
  • Kaguya Magatama is equivalent to a four-star Divina Magatama, as it does not raise skill and gives the same amount of XP boost.
  • Kaguya Hime has the second highest spirit requirement of 41 so far, along with Emperor of Time. They used to have the highest until Mira and Wrathful Witch surpassed them.
  • Kaguya Hime is the first sealstone daemon obtainable through total rankings.
  • Kaguya Hime's skill is a reference to the 5 Impossible Requests. Some of the impossible requests are daemons available in the "Hazy Moon Delight" event.
  • In the legend, Kaguya Hime left the Emperor of Time (Emperor of Japan in the original story) the Elixir of Life and a note before being brought back to the moon.
  • It is revealed during the "Hazy Moon Delight" event that she has a visa to stay on earth.

Original Form

  • Release: "Yaaaawn... I wanted to go on sleeping for a bit longer..." - This princess appears in the oldest known Japanese folk tale. Thoroughly exhausted always getting hit on in Ikebukuro, she decided to place herself in a sealstone and have a good sleep.
  • Main: "Oh, how beautiful the moon is!”

Hime Form

  • Main: "Can't I play with Miss Hare just a little bit longer?"
  • Skill: "Pretty, pretty please! I swear I'll never ask for anything again!"

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