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  • Special Ability: Greatly increases the likelihood of receiving Reward Conquest Points.
  • Hive Hunter is in the same guild as Giara, Mino, Sibylle the Thief, and Sir Grillalot.
  • Hive Hunter is the leader of the Guild.
  • Best used in any team.
  • If skill is activated at level 13, his attack and defense will be 11400.
  • He mistook Shuten-Doji as the Demon, which is the monster he was looking for.
  • Like Kishimojin and Poisoned Sake, He was released with a golden border, though this probably has no significance, since he is just as same as a regular special ability daemon.

More Quotes

  • Main: "Hey noobs! You're going down!"
  • Encountering in Shop: "If you want to join our guild, you'll need to play by our rules!"
  • Skill: "Feel the wrath of my 9,000 hours of playtime!"
  • Event: "I'm the best!  I'll beat you even with all the handicap settings turned on!"
  • Event 2: "Wow!  I made it!  This must be the bonus stage!"

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