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  • Best used in a Attack team but not as leader due to her extremely low defense.
  • Best fused with Grim Reaper Magatama
  • She is friends with the Goddess of Misfortune and the Goddess of Poverty.
  • She is called Grimmy for short.
  • Original form is best fused with Grim Reaper Magatama.
  • [New Year] form is best fused with Grim Reaper [New Year] Magatama.
  • The Original form in Japanese had [HW] added next to her name.
  • Original and [New Year] form share the same skill as Furiae, but have different effects.
  • If sold for silver, her price is 666.
  • Her stat total is that of a 4 star, but due to nearly all of it being devoted to raw attack, she ranks as a 5 star.

More Quotes


  • Main: "Now you are free of all ties and bonds..."
  • Skill: "The time of judgement has arrived!"

[New Years]

  • Main: "Care to wash away all your sins? There's no time like new year to make a fresh start..."
  • Encountering in Shop: "I know what you're thinking, but don't say that I bring bad luck, okay? New things can only start when others come to an end, right...? "
  • Skill: "I can make all your guilt go away..."


  • Main: "Gaze at the swirling tide.. Does it not seem like an ill omen to you?"
  • Skill: "Summer is prime time for sin!"
  • Encountering in Shop: "You think the summer will last forever? Trust me, it'll be over before you know it."

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