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Fuguruma Faerie is based off of a Fuguruma Yoki, or Fuguruma Yobi. They are the souls of artbooks by sekien, or the soul of a book cart used in imperial palaces. There is something about a human who got obsessed with the Hyakku Monogatari, and slipped in a love note in one of the books, and became a demon, which is the Fuguruma Yobi.

Tale of Genji

The Tale of Genji is known as the first known novel written in history that also had illistrations in it.  It is divided in three parts, and has 54 chapters.  The Tale of Genji, included many supernatural creatures, like Lady Rokujo.  She would seep into dreams and create nightmares.

Tale of Ise

The Tale of Ise contained numerous poems and associative narratives.  The current version has 125 sections, with a total of 209 poems.  The author and the date of composition is still unknown.

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