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Special events are held as limited period campaigns in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. These provide access to event-exclusive arenas and the opportunity to gather daemons which do not appear outside of these events.

The performance of players at these events are ranked on a competitive level against other players during the middle of the campaign and during the end of the campaign.

Rewards for higher level achievers of these events tend to include very rare and powerful cards, and may also bundle HP-and skills-boosting magatama which are specifically for these cards.

Players may improve their performance at these events by successfully summoning specific daemons and magatama (given as gifts as part of the six-pack rare summon offer) which are assigned various attributes valid for use only during the event.

These skills and attributes remain active as long as the player holds the cards as part of their collection, regardless of whether they are on the offense/defense party or not.

Possessing multiple cards with the same skills/attributes do not hold any advantage. However, possessing cards with small/medium/large amounts of the same skill will boost those stats by the relevant amount.

For example, holding two magatama that boost Ghost Encounters by a medium level will only yield the same results as a single magatama.

But holding a magatama which boosts Ghost Encounters by a small level, and one which boosts Ghost Encounters by a medium level yields a higher probability of encountering ghosts than simply having one medium Ghost Encounter magatama.

Events tend to end at 8 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (UTC-08:00).  Plan your involvement accordingly.

Event Category:

Seal Stone Collection

  • Players play various levels in story mode. They can be completed or un-completed levels, but should be above chapter 1 (verficication needed). 
  • During exploration of a story mode event, players will randomly chance upon an event-specific seal stone.
  • Once one event-specific seal-stone is obtained, players can battle to steal other event-specific seal stones.
  • Once each color of the event-specific seal stone is obtained, the player recieves a random non-event card.
  • After completing the event-specific seal stone set a specificed number of times, different event-specific cards are obtained.
  • Ranking is based on the number of times the event-specific seal stone set is completed.

Tower Climbing

  • A tower arena is opened up to players, which consists of a high number of floors (101 floors for earlier events, 201 as of Halloween Tower).
  • By expending Health, players explore the various floors of the tower, reaching the next floor when the requisite number of exploration steps have been taken.
  • The top-most floor (101st or 201st) is a never-ending loop. Exploring this floor expends Health without the possibility of advancing beyond that floor, but also provides standard exploration rewards.
  • Exploration, like the normal story mode, yields items, daemon cards and event items (such as Fragments of Memories or Halloween Cookies).
  • Event items are the main driver for Tower Climbing events. These are tokens which are collected by players which can then be exchanged for daemons, and which also constitute the final ranking and score of the players.
  • Various opportunities exist throughout the event to exchange these tokens for daemons and magatama. The ranking is not affected by the number of held tokens, but rather by the tokens collected. Therefore, using tokens to acquire daemons and magatama does not affect ranking.
  • Two types of ghostly encounters can occur during exploration:
  • Wandering Ghosts randomly appear and can be defeated for event items and the opportunity to collect them in exchange for a fixed number of event items. These battles can be avoided (if required) by jumping out of the event and going back in.
  • Guardian Ghosts located at the end of selected floors are compulsory battles. When defeated, these daemons can be negotiated with at 100 percent success, and will join the player's team for no cost.
  • Limited Event Sealstones are now avaible by investigating them in the tower. The chance of getting them is random.
  • See strategy for an estimate of hp requirements.


Ayakashi Ghost Guild - Slug Monster LV75 (Conquest Event Alice in Ayakashi Land)07:33

Ayakashi Ghost Guild - Slug Monster LV75 (Conquest Event Alice in Ayakashi Land)

Example of conquest battle

  • Players explore the standard story areas but may randomly and reoccurring encounter an event exclusive ghost. When the player defeats the ghost, the next appearance of the same ghost will have a higher level, and be subsequently more difficult to defeat.
  • Successfully defeating the ghost at various predetermined levels will yield various "first conquest rewards", such as daemons joining the player's team, health/spirit-boosting items, etc.
  • Defeating the ghost for a second or subsequent times at the same level rewards the player with standard silver pieces as well as campaign-specific conquest points which determine the player's ranking.
  • When the ghost is successfully defeated for the first time at a pre-set level (level 99 or level 100), the powerful ultimate daemon from the event joins the player's team. However, the ghost will keep reappearing at even higher levels.
  • Players are motivated to continue battling this ghost for conquest points in order to reach a higher ranking. Successfully defeating these higher level ghosts may also yield additional rewards like daemon-specific magatamas for event daemons.
  • Every battle against the ghost automatically utilizes half of the player's available Spirit. If the player loses the battle against the ghost, damage done to the ghost remains, but the ghost will automatically escape within a given time limit (usually 1.5 hours for lower levels, and 1 hour for higher levels).
  • The player may repeatedly engage in battle against the ghost to wear down its health, and replenish Spirit levels using items in order to utilize more powerful daemons within their party.
  • If the player allows the ghost to escape, the next ghost encountered will be at a random level. If this ghost is defeated, the subsequent encounter will be a ghost at the highest level the player has thus far conquered.
  • Conquest events are notable for expending Spirit levels much more quickly than Health levels. For most players, defeating any of the higher level ghosts will require multiple applications of Spirit-replenishing items like Spirit Water.

Soul Gem Collection

  • An extension of the Sealstone mechanism within the normal game, where players explore stages and engage in battles against each other to collect a series of six colored gems in order to unlock event-exclusive daemons.
  • Gems can be obtained by successfully defending against assaults from other players, by searching through an event arena, and by attacking other players to steal their gems. This model also ranks players according to performance, with rewards at the end of the campaign.

Limited Time Cards

  • An Event where you can obtain limited Time Cards, where Daemons are dressed up for a holiday such as Halloween. 
  • It is usually held during a holiday when a event also occurs during that time.
  • You can obtain them by Rare Summon, and will be there for a limited time.
  • All Limited Time Rare Summons came back during the Anniversary of Ayakashi.


  • The same as soul gem collection event but the goal is to defeat as many ghost agents as possible within a specified time limit which are days.
  • Defeating a ghost agent will give you some victory points.
  • Exchange this points to Dora to give you rare daemons which are the rewards of the event.
  • During the first and New Year en garde, you could get 10% attack boost for a limited time if you won the battle.

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