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Eisuke Yuki
EIsuke yuki fjpeaowf
Kanji 雪瑛介
Rōmaji Yuki Eisuke
Height --
Weight --
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Spirit Sealer
First Apperance Prologue: A New Agent
A Spirit Sealer from the Institute of Spirit Sealers who becomes your ally later in the story. He made appearances in early events in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, however he is completely cut out from future events.


Eisuke is a young mang with medium-length, silver hair and bangs which below his eyes. He has dull grey eyes and light skin

He wears a grey Spirit Sealer uniform with two black buttons on each side down the middle. It has a collar with a white border and stripe across it, along with a red tag on the stripe. Below the center of his collar lies a badge, and has a cross of some sort further lower to his left. His uniform has a black cuff with a white stripe in the middle and has a white arm band on his left sleeve. He also wears black fingerless gloves.


Eisuke has strong willpower and determination. He acts aloof and apathetic around you, despite this, he warms up to you and Mira at times. He is a tsundere. To him, all daemons are just powerful tools to be used by the ghost agents.


Eisuke first appears in the Prologue and Chapter 2 observing <Player's Name> during the prologue, but does not make any interaction at all.

He makes his first major appearance in Chapter 3, where he scolds you for letting the Rat Clan Henchman escape and warns you not to get too close to spirits. After eliminating the Henchman, he gets annoyed at <Player's Name> for not listening to him and proceeds to beat <Player's Name>. After running into him again, he becomes hostile with <Player's Name> again and sends out Pearce to fight against <Player's Name>. After winning against Pearce, Eisuke realizes <Player's Name>'s potential and discards Pearce, leaving him to <Player's Name>.

In Chapter Five, after losing the deal with Dora in which <Player's Name> would have to hand over Mira, Eisuke comes to stop Dora and ends up saving Mira.

In the events of Chapter Six, where the ghost agents must pair up with the spirit sealers, <Player's Name> and Mira are accompanied with Eisuke to stop the Gates appearing at Ginza Station. Here, Eisuke introduces himself for the first time. <Player's Name> would cleanse the area of ghosts, while Eisuke would seal the gates. Thomas also mentions that Eisuke has some sort of motive. After all gates have been sealed, he shows some concern for <Player's Name> and leaves.

Eisuke is seen in the Diet Building investigating the sinister barrier within Kasumigaseki during Chapter Eight.

He reappears once again in Chapter Eleven, where he acts considerably cold to <Player's Name> and Mira, constantly ignoring the two due to the events in Chapter Eight. When Mira asks Sister about Eisuke, she refers to Eisuke as "Sir Yuki" and states that he is an important figure seen equal to the President of the Institute of Spirit Sealers.

Continuing onto Chapter Twelve, after Sister reveals her true intentions, Eisuke proceeds to seal the gates within Odaiba. However, after seeing the dark atmosphere approaching, he is set off by this, saying "(This feeling... I could never forget it...). After acting rudely to Volsung and insulting Sigmund, Sister appears and begins hinting of a tragic incident involving Eisuke and possibly Sister herself, causing Eisuke to become angered.

Daemon Team

Daemon team
Barbetta Ultimate Strip
Thomas Strip
Pearce twostar Strip
- Barbetta (Ultimate) Thomas Pearce (Former) -

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