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Daemons in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild are divided into three main classes: Phantom, Divina and Anima. These classes have strengths and weaknesses against each other.

In addition to their type, daemons have a number of key statistics:

  • Rarity
On a scale of one to five stars. Cards with higher rarity ratings are valued, and tend to be more powerful, but also require more spirit to deploy in battle.
  • Level
Cards gain offensive and defensive power as they level up with experience. Experience may be gained in small amounts by using the cards for battles, but more commonly by fusing them with other cards.
It is important to note that the level of any particular Daemon is not related to the player's level: they are upgraded by different mechanisms.
The ordinary upper limits of levels of skills are determined by the rarity of the card:
1 star: Level 30
2 stars: Level 40
3 stars: Level 50
4 stars: Level 60
5 stars: Level 70
*With the exception of Yasha who maxes out at level 50, but is four star.
  • Attack points
The damage dealt by the card against an opponent's party. If the offensive power overwhelms the amount of defensive points held by the opponent's party, the attack is successful.
  • Defense points
If the total defensive power of the party exceeds the amount of damage done by the opponent's offensive capabilities, the defending party is deemed to have won.
  • Required Spirit
The "cost" of deploying the card to an attack or defense team. Generally, the more powerful/rare a card is, the more spirit is required from the player to use them. The Required Spirit applies for both attack and defense.
Currently, the greatest amount of Spirit required by a single card is 44, for the use of Ibaraki Doji [Amusement Park]
  • Skills
An attribute which can be randomly activated during battle to provide boosts, be it increasing silver piece acquisition, reducing the enemy's capability to acquire silver, and increasing or decreasing offensive/defensive capabilities.
Skills tend to favour the player's party: a skill which reduces Anima defense, for example, only affects the opponent's party, not the player.
Skills are inherent to the cards. They cannot be changed or learned. They can be levelled up alongside the Level, but it is possible to boost skill levelling by fusing the card with magatama or daemons with the same skill.
In normal levelling circumstances, the skill level is, like the general level, limited by the rarity of the card in question:
1 star: Level 7
2 stars: Level 9
3 stars: Level 11
4 stars: Level 13
5 stars: Level 15
It is possible to increase skill level beyond these limits by using magatama/daemons which have the same skill during levelling up, or by possibly further fusing after the daemon has reached its level limits (the HP gained will be 0, thus "wasting" the mixer, but it is possible the skill level will rise).
There is no known "hard" limit for Skills, though Skill levels of up to 20 have been witnessed.
The higher the level of the Skill, the more likely it will activated during a battle. The level of the Skill also determines the actual effect of the skill: a level 1 Skill may have 14 percent effect, while a level 15 of the same Skill could have a 22 percent effect. Some Skills also have a specified Strike rate (High or Low), which indicates the probability of their activation.
  • Transmigration
A marker which indicates if the card can transmigrate to become a more powerful and/or rarer daemon. Transmigration only occurs when the card has reached its level limit (see above: Level). Note that the new daemon may be rarer than the original, but in a number of cases, the rarity rating may remain the same. However, most if not all transmigrated versions of daemons will be more powerful in terms of attack/defense.
The transmigration process eliminates the original daemon and replaces it with a new daemon at level 1. It is an optional process which may be activated at any time once the daemon has reached the required level.
If the new daemon can be further transmigrated, the marker will remain as "Transmigrates". Otherwise, the marker changes to "Ultimate Form". There are a small number of daemons which can transmigrate more than once, but the current limit to transmigration is twice (original, second form, ultimate form).
See Transmigrating Exception Daemons

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