Daemon teams is the main concept behind this game. How you build your defense and attack team is essential to your wins and success. There are two ways to set up your team.

First off, it's important to note the idea of rock-paper-scissors in this game. Phantom has a boost over Anima, Anima has a boost over Divina, and Divina has a boost over Phantom. Keeping this in mind, you can...

  1. Set up a balanced team. This would usually be a team of 2-2-1, meaning 2 pairs of 2 of the same type of deamons and 1 daemon from the remaining type. The benefit in this type is that you have a well balanced team from all types, which helps against skills, but it doesn't quite give you the boost against teams. (This might also be 3-1-1)
  2. Set up a pure team. This would usually be a team of 4-1, or 5, meaning 4 or 5 of the same type of daemons, and 1 other type daemon. The benefit in this is that it helps you when you're against an opponent with the inferior type towards your team. Of course, the boost really only occurs due to your leaders. However, typically, most similar types help their own type (e.g. Chang'e, a Divina type, boosts other Divina types). The disadvantage is that if your team is pitted against another team that receives a boost over yours, you have a lesser chance in winning. Another disadvantage is by skill. (e.g. You have a pure Divina deck team, but the opponent attacks with a Grim Reaper, whose skill decreases Divina defense).

Useful Daemons 


  1. Lilith (ultimate)
  2. Hare of Inaba
  3. Sensu
  4. Cat Sith
  5. Kyu
  6. Lady Suzuka
  7. Kiri
  8. Katja
  9. Ramiel
  10. Hljod

Raise all Daemon's Attack

  1. Lady Suzuka
  2. Valkyrie
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Star Mine
  5. Osiris
  6. Ibaraki Doji
  7. Dracula
  8. Orochi
  9. Murasaki Shikibu
  10. Dragon Princess
  11. Gregory
  12. Great Galactic Bridge
  13. More daemons with Increases All Daemon's Attack skill here

Also, with your team, you can bluff your opponents. For example, you could put a Phantom daemon as your leader, which would often attract Divina players. However, the other 4 daemons could be Anima or Divina daemons, or other daemons that help reduce Divina attack.

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