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  • Best used in a phantom defense team.
  • Can be used as leader as Chimera has equal stats.
  • Has one of the highest (if not the highest) stat totals and spirit costs for a 4 star card, equaling to Giara, Arko, and Carbuncle Garnet (all of which are 5 stars—albeit the weakest). 

More Quotes

  • Main: "Ooh, I could really do with a rabbit's tail... Oh, and some swan's wings as well, come to think of it! They're going to be soon in next season."
  • Encountering in Shop: "You've got such beautiful eyes...Won't you swap one of them for one of mine?  You can choose which one!"
  • Skill: "Ooh, I do like what your wearing!  I'll be having that, I think..."

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