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455px-Page 158 illustration in More English Fairy Tales

An Illustration of Cat Sith from More English Fairy Tales from the story The King of the Cats.

The Cat Sith is a fairy or sprite resembling a black cat with a white mark on it's chest.  The Cat Sith is primarily not trusted as it is said that it will steal a soul before God claims the persons soul.  This is similar to a Kasha in Japanese mythology.  The Cat Sith, pronounced as Kyte Shee, in Scottish mythology suggested that the Cat Sith was not a fairy but a witch that could transform into a cat nine times.  If the Witch turned into a cat on the ninth time, it is said that the witch will be a cat forever.  It is also said that this is where a cat having nine lives comes from.  The Cat Sith is also referred to the king of cats.

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