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  • Best fused with Cat Sith [HW] Magatama. Can also be fused with the normal Cat Sith Magatama obtained from collecting seal stones which will also give an extra skill level to the daemon.
  • Cat Sith worked with Cu Sith to organize the Halloween Event.
  • Best fused with Cat Sith Magatama
  • Cat Sith is one of two seal stone daemons to have dressed up for an event. The other is Hare of Inaba.
  • Cat Sith appears on the "Engarde!  Ghost Agents Do Battle!" picture.
  • Cat Sith is also acquainted to Titania.
  • During the HW event, when you encountered Cat Sith [HW], you would fight both Cu and Cat Sith.
  • In the original card, you can see the shadow of a cat by her feet.
  • Cat Sith [Circus] is currently the second-most attack-efficient MLB card in the game, only surpassed by Maeda Toshimasu.

More Quotes


  • Main: "I'll catch my prey, then take a catnap!"
  • Sealstone Release: "This cat's back! Ahhh, that was fun! I was starting to panic that I'd be trapped in a stone all my life!" A cat sprite who wanders around Scotland as the wind takes him. He loves pranks, jokes and japes, particularly ones with dogs as their target.
  • Skill: "Miaowwww!"


  • Main: "I'm sleepy. Do you mind if I curl up on your lap?"
  • Successful Negotiation: ""
  • WG Encounter: "Hand over those cookies!" (Unconfirmed)
  • Defeat: "I'm so hungry, I'm starting to see things..."
  • Skill: "I'm gonna bite!" (Translation)


  • Main: "You know, i think this world suits me just fine!"
  • Skill:"Meeeow!"
  • Encountering in Shop:"The circus,you say...? Sounds kind of fun..."

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