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  • Benkei Musashibo is good for Phantom Attack Teams, even though he is a Divina.
  • He is the only offensive daemon to have a skill increasing the attack of a different type.

More Quotes

  • Main: "Never fear when I'm here! Leave the defense to me!"
  • Re-Encounter: "Hey, it's you again! I still can't find Yoshitsune. I'm getting bored... Let's have a little test of strength!"
  • Failed Neogtiation: "My apologies... But my priority at the moment is to find my general... Maybe another time."
  • Successful Negotiation: "Ah, great news. I think you and I could get along, <Player's Name>! I'd really like you to meet my general."
  • Skill: "Right! I'll give this all I've got!"

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