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First Bell Summon

Character Dialogue
Dora Coo-ey! I;m back again! This time I've brought a very mysterious item with me - a Daemon Bell!

This bell has got all kinds of daemons sealed inside it. Legend has it that a ghost agent with special abilities can summon daemons just by ringing it! Cool, eh?

There's one lead daemon in each Daemon Bell That you'll have a chance of summoning every time you use it. The bell won't be discarded until you've managed to summon the lead daemon.

In any case, I put my life at risk to come by these things... And service like that doesn't come for free, I'm afraid! You've gotta cough up each time you use it.

That's right! I want money....I LOVE money! Don't tell me you hadn't already figured that out about me?

Aren't you itching to try out your luck? But just remember one thing... I want to get rich, so don't go bagging the lead daemon too quickly, y'hear!

General Bell Summon Dialogue

Character Dialogue

I've got hold of a new summoning bell!

There's a powerful daemon residing within it, but I'm not telling who it is! Go on! Try and guess!

(Bell Daemon) <Daemon's Encounter in Shop quote>
Dora Ah, so the cat's out of the bag, it seems... Well, not to worry! Good luck, you hear? Remember, this can only be used during a period of a few days.

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