Offensive Battles

To win:

1. Max your deamons

2. As much as possible, build a pure attack deck with team boosters. If not, then reducers are better than those self-increase deamons.

3. Choose a good leader. 

4. Choose your opponent wisely.

Three things you should look at when choosing an opponent.

1. Level 
  • For low level players, be careful since the battle list always include players with low defense spirit but are out of your range. You will get fined and lose if you attack someone ten levels below you. Example: if you are level 41, you can’t attack players 31 and below. Only those level 32 and above. 
  • If you are at level 81+, esp. if you are a free player, be careful of those level 140 and above players with weak looking leads. Those are traps. 
  • If you want to win battles or steal sealstones, though kind of mean to them, only attack level 81-120 players with free player leaders esp. those from the 200f tower reward, level 80 conquest reward, pures, fallen and other free player obtainable leads.
2. Leaders
  • Always avoid leader that can only be obtained using cash. These include daemons from rare summon, bell summon, first half rankings, total rankings, supreme wandering ghosts and conquest 125 and above.
  • For low level players, there are a lot of pipe fox, ameno, and kotetsu leaders (not focused version). These are easily won battles, unless, of course, they are traps. 
  • As much as possible, choose the opponent where you have type advantage on. If phantom, choose anima. If anima, choose divina. If divina, choose phantom. This will give you 15% advantage.
3. Defense spirit
  • For low level players, this is more important because of the lack of ability points. Usually players can’t summon their full defense team. Therefore, choose an opponent with almost the same amount of or less defense spirit as your attack spirit. This is so that you would both have almost the same amount of cards battle each other.
  • For level 81+ players, defense spirit usually mean nothing. Players usually attack based on leaders; if you have a weak looking leader, then you are gonna get attacked a lot. 
  • Though if you use the battle list, if someone has low defense spirit or weak leader, chances are you won’t see their full defense team anymore. If you attack them, it would be an easy win and more guild exp.
  • For sealstone battle for 81+, you will notice that if you click refresh, almost the same people are in it. If a player’s name keeps popping up, it means that he just levelled, and if he has a free player lead, it might be an easy win.
    • A few exceptions are: soul gem events, first few days of tower - people are using their attack spirit on other things like stealing gems or fighting ghosts. 

Defensive Battles

1. How to deter attackers

  • For level 80 and below
  1. Use a 5* lead
  2. Add more defense points. This should be more than most of the people in your level. 
  • For level 81 and above
  1. Defense points should be at least 300. This will not prevent anyone from attacking you but should at least deter a few opportunistic players who are looking to save attack spirit. If it is low and you level up, you are gonna be attacked a lot.
  2. As much as possible, don’t use free player obtainable leaders.
    • If you have a 200f or conquest 80 or some other weak leader, then just don’t look at your battle list.
    • Likewise with phantom leaders since there are a lot of divina teams.
    • Casher leaders usually get attacked 3-4times
  3. Choose when to level up. Levelling up during events except en  garde or shrine is advisable.

2. Trapping attackers

  • If you are confident in your defense deck, you can use one of the starters as your lead to bait other players into attacking you and giving you silvers
  • Or use free player obtainable defense boosters as leaders

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