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  • Eisuke Yuki has Barbetta (ultimate) as one of his Daemons. 
  • She has a high effiency rate, so she can be used for Tagging teams in En Garde Events.
  • Requires the least level to Transmigrate.
  • Best used in a Anima Attack team.
  • Barbetta is the only 1 star to be able to Transmigrate.
  • Best fused with Kotetsu, or another Barbetta (Ultimate) to raise skill level.

More Quotes


  • Main: "Hey! Is it time for me to do my stuff?"
  • Tutorial: "Va bene! You can count on me!"
  • Pre-Transmigration: "<Player's Name>, I feel it! I so want to become an adult! Will you let me? Pleee-ase?"


  • Main: "Freeze! Put down the donut and no one'll get hurt!”
  • Transmigration: "Buongiornol!  Well, what do you make of the new me?  I'm totally capable now!"
  • Skill: "Here goes! I'll give it all I've got!"

Eisuke's Ver.

  • Main: "Freeze! Put down the donutu and no one'll get hurt!"
  • Skill: "Here goes! I'll give it all I've got!"

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