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  • Her original, HW, and New Years forms are best used in a Divina Attack team
  • Her Focused form is best used in a Divina defense team
  • The [HW] form is dressed up as a Witch.
  • The [New Years] form is most probably dressed up as a Miko (Shrine Maiden).
  • Normal Ameno Uzume appears in the "En garde! Ghost Agents Do Battle!" picture.
  • Normal Ameno Uzume is one of the starters in the game.
  • She was originally planned to have been able to transmigrate, but this was either scrapped, replaced by her Focused form, or stored away for future use. [1]
  • In the "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!" Event, She, Satori, and Mira form a dance group called the Mi-Sa-Me Megastars.  The groups' name takes one part of each ghost's name, meaning the Me comes from the last part of Uzume

More Quotes


  • Main: "Coo-ey! Won't you come over here and dance with me?"
  • Skill: "Look at me shimmy!"


  • Main: "Halloween's a great excuse for a party... I'm really getting into the mood!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "En? Seems like everyone's face is filled with joy and smile!"
  • Skill: "Check out my new dance move!"

[New Year]

  • Main: "Happy new year! I look forward to another year of entertaining everyone with my dancing!"
  • Encounter in Shop (New Year): "Happy New Year! This is fantastic! How about we celebrate with a little dance!"
  • Encounter in Shop (Anniversary): "<Player's Name>, happy anniversary! How about a dance together?"
  • Skill: "My new year's resolution? Dance some more!"


  • Main: "Hold on, Ammie! I'll have you out of there in no time!"
  • Skill: "You've never seen anything like my dance!"


  • Main: "Watch my marvelous dance!"
  • Skill: "Ooh...this feels so good!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "You haven't been practicing your dancing at all, have you?"
  • Unseal: "And now for the right foot..." A goddess with extraordinary artistic talents. She imprisoned herself in a sealstone and fell into a deep sleep.

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