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  • Amaterasu was the mascot for Ayakashi Ghost Guild.
  • During the Final part of Tutorial, Amaterasu is shown as Anima and with 3 tick marks, not Divina (Pic in gallery).
  • Amaterasu appears on the "Engarde!  Ghost Agents Do Battle!"
  • Amaterasu's card was used to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • Though Amaterasu is no longer the mascot, she still appears on the title screen.
  • Her siblings are Tsukuyomi and Susanoo.
  • She is called Ammie for short by Ameno Uzume
  • Her [In Hiding] Form is best fused with Amaterasu [In Hiding] Magatama.
  • Her original form has two photo IDs. One being the id for the original form (45) and the other being 32. She shares this trait with Fox Too and Kei Nine

More Quotes


  • Main: "I am life itself..."
  • Skill: "Know the terror of the places where the light doesn't reach!"

[In Hiding]

  • Main: "I'm never leaving this warm and comfy cave!"
  • Skill: "Phewee! Do you know the temperature of the sun?"

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