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  • Best used in a Divina Defense team.
  • Aboro is best used instead of Pillow Phantom. Her attack is higher by 100 attack points, and has a skill, although she is a Divina.
  • Aboro can still be useful for High level Players, as her skill can help boost Divina Defense by 22% if her skill is maxed. When defending after getting attacked, your defense spirit will be lowered, and not all daemons from your original defense team might make it, but if there is still like 9 spirit that is unused, Aboro can be placed in there automatically. The boost isn't that significant, but it is pretty helpful in a way.

More Quotes

  • Main: "U-Uh oh... Now, what were those ninja skills I learned again? I'm sure there was one called...ESCAPE"
  • Skill: " Oboro Ninja "

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