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"Tower of Midsummer Dreams"

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"Tower of Midsummer Dreams"
Tower of Midsummer Dreams Logo
A Tower contained with sleeping Fairies appear before you
Tower Climbing Event
Top Daemon:

Rose Whip (Guardian Ghost)

Puck (Wandering Ghost)

Start date:

August 27, 2012 23:59

End date:

September 12, 2012 23:59

Previous event: "Tower of Dolls"
Next Event: "Behemoth Attacks!"
Object Collected
Tower of midsummer dreams object
Fragments of Dreams/Memories

Event Period

8/27 (Mon) – 9/12 (Wed) 23:59 [JST] Two chances to win exclusive rewards for high-scoring players: top players by 9/3 at 23:59 AND the highest scores at the end of the event!


Suddenly, a phantasmal tower appears again before your very eyes… Apparently, a number of fairies who lost their power have been trapped and put to sleep in the tower… Now, you betake yourself to the “Tower of Midsummer Dreams” together with Mira …

Event Summary

1) Discover and collect the “Fragments of Dreams” (Yume no Kakera) in the Tower of Midsummer Dreams and aim to reach the top floor!

2) Purify the Guardian Ghosts being stuck in the tower and bring them under your control to be your Shikigami!

3) Defeat the Wandering Ghosts who appear at random and give the Fragments of Dreams to bring them under your control to be your Shikigami!

4) The highest ranked players on the last day of the event will get exclusive rewards!

List of Daemons with Special Abilities

Daemons helpful in the Midsummer Tower Event

Hellhound (★★★) +3% encounter rate for Wandering Fairies
Giara (★★★★★) +5% encounter rate of Wandering Fairies
Lulu (★★★) +5% discovery rate of Fragments of Dreams
Carbuncle Garnet  (★★★★★) +10% discovery rate of Fragments of Dreams
Arko (★★★★★) +40% discovery rate of Fragments of Dreams
Poli'ahu (★★★) +20% discovery rate of additional piece of Fragments of Dreams

Tower of Midsummer's Dream booster

List of Guardian Ghosts

Guardian Ghost Rewards
Reward Guardian Ghost Defense (w/ skill) Collection Reward Floor Encounter
Arianrhod Arianrhod 1000 1 (Defeating Arianrhod will get you Poli'ahu) 5F
Gnome Gnome 1700 1 10F
1700 1 15F
1700 1 20F
Cyrca the Sylph Cyrca the Sylph 4000 1 25F
4000 1 30F
4000 1 45F
4000 5 50F
Zephyr the Sylph Zephyr the Sylph 6000 1 45F
60000 1 50F
6000 1 55F
6000 5 60F
Salamander Salamander 8000 1 65F
8000 1 70F
8000 1 75F
8000 1 80F
8000 1 85F
8000 1 90F
8000 1 95F
8000 5 100F
Rose Whip Rose Whip
10000 1 105F
10000 1 110F
10000 1 120F
10000 1 130F
10000 1 140F
10000 1 150F
10000 1 160F
10000 1 170F
10000 1 180F
10000 1 190F
10000 5 200F

List of Wandering Ghosts

Wandering Ghost Rewards
Tower of Midsummer Dreams Wandering Ghosts
Reward Wandering Ghost Defense (w/ skill) Skill Collection Reward Collection Needed Starting Appearance
Undine Undine 8500 Slightly incr. own defense 3 100  ??F
Oberon Oberon 25000 - 10 300  ??F
Thetis Thetis 52000 - 5 500  ??F
Puck Puck 83140 - 6 1000 201F

First Half Rankings

Pic Daemon/Item Ranking
Titania (Original) Titania (★★★★) & Arianrhod & Arianrhod Magatama x5 & Titania Magatama x5 1 - 100
Arianroddo  Titania (★★★★) & Titania Magatama x5 101 - 300  
PhantomMagatama Titania 301 - 1000
Divina Magatama Arianrhod 1001 - 5000
Beryl Magatama

Beryl Magatama

Jade Magatama

Amber Magatama

5001 - 10000      
Remedy Remedy 10001 - 50000

Second Half Ranking

Pic Daemon/Item Ranking
Divina Magatama Arianrhod Magatama x5 and Titania Magatama x5 1-100
PhantomMagatama Arianrhod Magatama x3 and Titania Magatama x3 101-300
Remedy Arianrhod Magatama and Titania Magatama 301-1000
Arianrhod Magatama and Remedy 1001-5000

Characters (please put in more, if you know some)

Game Play

靈異陰陽錄 仲夏夢之塔 200樓式神取得01:05

靈異陰陽錄 仲夏夢之塔 200樓式神取得


Tower of Midsummer Dreams banner

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