"Pride of the Five Great Swords"
Pride of the Five Great Swords Banner
"Gather the Moon Mikazuki Sealstones and offer them to the legendary swordsman!"
Sealstone Collection Event
Top Daemon:

Moon Mikazuki

Start date:

Sept 18, 2014

End date:

Sept 24, 2014

Previous event: "Arcanum Bellum: The Magus"
Next Event: "Ayakashi Quest"
Sealstone Collected
Blank Moon Mikazuki Sealstone
Moon Mikazuki Sealstone

Event Period

Begins on: Thurs, 9/18/2014, 12:00 am (GMT-8)

Event ends on: Wed, 9/24/2014, 8:59 am (GMT-8)

Total 152 hours.


The Five Great Swords. Legendary katanas from ancient times when samurai ruled the land. They were loved for their exceptional strength, incalculable intelligence, and brilliant beauty. His name was Moon Mikazuki. If you can get him on your side, he will surely prove a worthy partner. Gather the Moon Mikazuki Sealstones and offer them to the legendary swordsman. Do that, and you will be sure to gain powerful allies.

Dora Intro


Unlock the Moon Mikazuki Sealstones and you may gain the power of a legendary swordsman daemon. There are some powerful daemons residing within it, but I'm not telling who they are! Go on! Try and guess! Ah, so the cat's out of the bag, it seems... Well, not to worry! Good luck, you hear?

Pride of the Five Great Swords Silhouettes

How to Play

  1. Collect Moon Mikazuki Sealstone from Story or Battles.
  2. Unlike with other sealstones, you can release all kinds of daemons from these Sealstone!
  3. Unleash as many Moon Mikazuki Sealstone as possible to get powerful daemons and to get to the top rankings!
  4. Moon Mikazuki Sealstone discovery rate Story is in direct proportion to the health consumption. Rate for different colors will be different.
  5. Charms are not allowed this time for Moon Mikazukii Sealstone.
  6. During the event, you will be rewarded with Magatama Summon Points. Use your Magatama Summon Points to get free Magatama Summons!

List of Daemons That Will Help You in the Event

Fishwort Square
High Rate of Moon Mikazuki Sealstone discovery.

Rare gacha parts pvp66 en

List of Moon Mikazuki Sealstone Completion Rewards

Daemons Pic + links
Two and Three star Free Summons Onibi origMarsh KappaHigh ElfDark ElfBlue AngelRed AngelBlack AngelSusumu YamazakiXuan NüSherryNavvyBrekkieLunchieDinnieKasumiAzukiSleeping Beauty SummerSylvia SpoonNatalia NyfePinnieThumping MalletBoEnchanted Apple TreeRapunzel's Hair SummerPearceSnowball
Magatamas Obsidian MagatamaCrystal MagatamaTourmaline MagatamaBeryl MagatamaJade MagatamaAmber Magatama

Ruby MagatamaDiamondMagatamaEmerald Magatama

Five star Special Summons AmaterasuTyphonCarbuncle GarnetGiaraArko

List of Limited Moon Mikazuki Sealstone Completion Rewards

Limited Rare Summon Event Rewards
List of Possible Rewards in Pride of the Five Great Swords
Musashi MiyamotoMuneyoshi YagyuFang
DragonslayerLaevateinnZweihanderKogarasu MaruKenukigata TachiMurasame
Gan Jiang & Mo YeAmeno Ohabari ArondightYotoIkutachi the Living BladeAme no HabakiriOnimaru Kunitsuna
  • Note: The above rewards are only limited throughout the event. The chances are random the same as the special summon rewards.

List of Moon Mikazuki Sealstone Rewards

Event Rewards
Pride of the Five Great Swords Rewards
Reward Completion Detail Reward Completion Detail
Koai the Maiko Lv. 5 Koai the Maiko (★★★) Blank - -
Shadowrella Lv. 10 Shadowrella (★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 15 Shadowrella Magatama (★★★★)
Heaven's Fire Lv. 20 Heaven's Fire (★★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 25 Heaven's Fire Magatama (★★★★)
Toshiie Maeda Lv. 30 Toshiie Maeda (★★★★) Divina Magatama Lv. 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 Toshiie Maeda Magatama (★★★★)
Moon Mikazuki Lv. 60 Moon Mikazuki (★★★★★) Anima Magatama Lv. 70, 80, 100, 120, 150 Moon Mikazuki Magatama (★★★★)

First Half Rankings

First Half Ranking
Pride of the Great Five Swords FH
Reward Ranking Detail
Nun Perignon PhantomMagatama 1-500 Nun Perignon (★★★★), 7 Nun Perignon Magatama (★★★★)
501-1000 Nun Perignon (★★★★), 5 Nun Perignon Magatama (★★★★)
1001-2000 Nun Perignon (★★★★), 3 Nun Perignon Magatama (★★★★)
2001-3000 Nun Perignon (★★★★), Nun Perignon Magatama (★★★★)
3001-8000 Nun Perignon (★★★★)
Beef Bowl Normal
8001~ Beef Bowl (Normal)

Second Half Rankings

Second Half Ranking
Pride of the Great Five Swords SH
Reward Ranking Detail
Beef Bowl Large 1-800 Beef Bowl (Large) x5
801-3000 Beef Bowl (Large) x3
3001-8000 Beef Bowl (Large) x1
Beef Bowl Normal
8001~ Beef Bowl (Normal}

Total Rankings

Total Ranking
Pride of the Great Five Swords TR
Reward Ranking Detail
Selene Divina Magatama 1-500 Selene (☆☆☆☆☆), 5 Selene Magatama (☆☆☆☆)
501-1000 Selene (☆☆☆☆☆), 3 Selene Magatama (☆☆☆☆)
1001-1500 Selene (☆☆☆☆☆), Selene Magatama (☆☆☆☆)
1500-2500 Selene (☆☆☆☆☆)
Spirit Water
2501~ Spirit Water

Event Notes

Event First Half (8000) Total (2500)
"Orochi's Winter Vacation" 22 sets 70 sets
"Labyrinth Rhapsody" 16 sets 64 sets
"Garden in Full Bloom" 15 sets 61 sets
"Advent of the War Spirit" 12 sets 45 sets
"The Elemental Blade" 12 sets 66 sets
"The Vengeful Aegis" 12 sets 62 sets
"Behold the Harvest Moon" 15 sets 53 sets
"Pride of the Five Great Swords" 19 sets 76 sets
  • Note: The number of set that is listed here is the safest and is inside the actual cut-off but is still close to the cut-off.


Pride of the Five Great Swords

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