"En Garde! Ghost Agents Do Battle ~New Year~"
Keep winning battles to get hold of limited edition daemons!
Battle Event
Top Daemon:

Grim Reaper [NY]

Start date:

December 28, 2012

End date:

January 10, 2013

Previous event: "Evil Gods Attack!"
Next Event: "Demon King Rises!"

Keep winning battles to get hold of limited edition daemons!

Event Period

Until Mon, 1/7 1:59am.

Victory Points Expiration Date: Thurs, 1/10 1:59am

Event Summary

1. Win battles to acquire New Year Victory Points.

2. Exchange your Victory Points for daemons at Dora's Swap Shop!

3. Daemons are limited in number and available on a first-come first-server basis, so hurry while they last!

4. Win successive battles to see the number of Victory Points you're awarded rise and rise!

5. Try and win multiple battles in a row for maximum Victory Points!

BGM used in event

-10% Power Boost:

Battle Theme 2

-Battle Theme:

Battle Theme 2

List of Daemons that is exchanged for Victory Points

Pic Daemon Name Required Victory Points Stock Available Swap / Person Sold Out Date
Grim Reaper NY
Grim Reaper [New Year] (★★★★★) 25,000 Victory Points 750 1 Date N/A
Titania New Year
Titania (★★★★★) 10,000 Victory Points 10,000 1 Date N/A
250px-Zodiac Rabbit
Zodiac Rabbit (★★★★) 4,500 Victory Points 40,000 1 Did not sell out
Kadomatsu (★★★★) 700 Victory Points 120,000 1 Did not sell out
Divina Magatama
Grim Reaper [New Year] Magatama (★★★★) 3,000 Victory Points 100,000 3 Did not Sell out
Titania Magatama (★★★★) 1,500 Victory Points 100,000 3 Did not sell out
Zodiac Rabbit Magatama (★★★★) 500 Victory Points 100,000 3 Did not sell out
Anima Magatama
Kadomatsu Magatama (★★★★) 200 Victory Points 350,000 3 Date N/A

Event Notes

  • Daemons that can be acquired using Victory Points at the Swap Shop are limited in number, and only available while stocks last.
  • Each daemon has its own set number of Victory Points for which it can be exchanged.
  • All Victory Points will be deleted automatically when the "En Garde! Ghost Agents Do Battle! (April 2013)" event ends.
  • The maximum number of Victory Points awarded for a first win is 100. For two consecutive wins it is 110 points, for three wins it is 120 points, for four it is 130 points, and for five or more consecutive wins it is 150 points.

See "En Garde! Ghost Agents do Battle!" Prologue

New Years Rare Summon

Pic Daemons
Vanilla (NY)
Vanilla [New Year] (★★★★★)
Ameno Uzume NY
Ameno Uzume [New Year] (★★★★)

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