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• 10/11/2018

Suki suki

Suki suki daisuki
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• 7/25/2018

Aphmau love

Aphmau is amazing!!! Nya😸✌️💗💗💗
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• 7/5/2018
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• 1/5/2018

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• 8/30/2016

To my old AGG guild

LunaAqua looking for her old AGG guild back please add me back to line chat Maru Kenny Psyc Kaz Blephy Nyss and every one else our guild wars so magical and I enjoyed the game so much more when I joined our guild but I lost my old line ID after z shutdown AGG I did post on BF greeting but haven't had any luck getting in contact with you all T-T [inside joke] (I also have new design ideas for pinky & brain)
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• 4/25/2016

New remake of Ayakashi Ghost Guild to be released... soon?

I am not sure if anyone who loves AGG still visit this forum, but I am posting it anyway.Many things happened after this game was shutdown. Some original developers of Zynga Japan and Zynga China had joined a new team to develop a new version of AGG. According to the new Dev, the new game will be based on client, which has better performance and won't crash the server that often, supposedly.P.S. AGG1 was based on built-in browser which cost more computing on server side.Another good news is, it's totally legal, since the Dev managed to remake all the images/pictures (magically), instead of just wrapping old files from AGG1. (Zynga will sue them if they do so...)
The Dev has a facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/%E9%8F%A1%E6%AC%A1%E5%85%83-813671195382620/
(鏡次元)Check it out if you want to see new cards by the original artists!
Few days earlier, Mira Miracle announced that the remake of Ayakashi Ghost Guild is at its final stage of development, and is supposed to release the game on Google Play and App Store soon.The name of AGG2 will be "御靈錄"(similar to "Spirit/Ghost Master" in Chinese). I am not sure about its name of English version, maybe they will post it later.
I am really excited, idk what to say now. :DLooking forward to see old players back soon!!
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• 6/26/2015

How do I make a tabber similar to the ones on this Wiki?

Hello, I'm from another Wiki and I've been testing a lot of stuff. I started using this Wiki's tabber settings as a basis for testing on my own site. However, it's showing up weirdly on Mobile.
For example, this page is shown without the border or background image on mobile. However, when I try it on here, the border/background image shows on mobile. This is a big problem as I do not want them to show on mobile. I searched and searched, but it seems like you don't put the tabber background in the CSS. Where exactly did you put it? Is there a way for me to replicate what you have done on this Wiki?
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• 4/19/2015

Stormie bishie is recruiting! XD


I know. AGG gonna close soon. But dont worry about my sanity. I'm still sane (well as sane as an insane people can be)
This is something that's already in mind since few months ago (exactly Mar 11, 2015) and I dont wanna regret not making this!! So now onto the real recruitment page!

Stormie bishie is part of Stormie blue guilds alliance. This alliance now consists of Stormie blue, Stormie blue 2, Stormie blue 3, Synthesia, and Aether (please don't mind the other Sb guilds XD). From the high demand of more guy in the alliance (yes I'm staring at you certain people!), Stormie bishie was created.
1. Gender : Male
2. Age : At least 14 (Dont call the police, we're not pedo!)
3. A bishie or at least tough looking
What We Have
1. A harem
2. Legs (Especially rabbit's legs) Hint : Line's sticker
3. Skin (I don't remember why it's here)

If you're interested, please post :
Level :
Free or Cash player :
CQ stats : Please put screenshot if you can. If not, post your as:ds, cq health, cq atk, cq def, cq team.
Timezone :
About me : Anything you want to tell about you and what do you expect from our guild.
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• 4/3/2015

Wiki is not to be used to circumvent the law

Since the announcement of Ayakashi's shutdown, there has been many efforts to either reverse that decision or to continue Ayakashi in some other of dubious legality schemes. The staff of this wiki, in compliance with Wikia's Terms of Service, will not tolerate actions that may bring legal liability to wikia, including the usage of wikia's servers as a storage/share resource for said schemes of dubious legality.
Because wikia has limited controls over the nature of access to its pages and images, should we discover some "project" using wikia's servers as a storage/share resource, your admins will remove all zynga copyrighted content from the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to, all zynga images, daemon descriptions, and event information, which will essentially spell the death of the wiki as an ayakashi site itself. This action is necessary because should zynga send wikia a cease and desist letter (something they're certainly going to do), wikia will elect to shut down Ayakashi Wiki completely because Ayakashi will be shut down.
Your admins thank you for your understanding. Please also inform anyone you know that may be attempting such a thing.
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• 3/23/2015

Everyone PLEASE Join This Effort and Do Not Give Up Yet!!!!

Everyone, we still have a month left to fight for Ayakashi. Now is not the time to give up but to fight for our game back. I know that there is currently a petition made that at the moment has over 3000 supporters but signing the petition alone is nowhere near enough to get AGG back. Please support the ReturnAGG movement, spread the word, and do whatever you can to let Zynga know that they have a huge player base that wants Ayakashi back and if they do not comply we will boycott them and make others boycott them as well. This MUST be a gigantic collective effort for this to work.

ReturnAGG or #BoycottZynga
Link to Facebook page (remember to like and share we need thousands of people supporting this): https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=687471551364832&id=686794588099195
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• 3/22/2015

Petition to Save AGG

I noticed this floating around this morning. It was started about 11 hours ago and has already over 1000 signatures. Please sign and pass it along to your AGG friends who want to continue playing the game. Thanks.
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• 3/21/2015

It was fun

Goodbye Mira...
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• 3/20/2015

End of the Line

Ayakashi has been confirmed to close on April 30th.
No rioting on the wiki please, direct all complaints to Zynga US.
Your admins will confer on what to do next, but most likely the wiki will remain open for those who still care to edit or socialze on it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go spam zynga's mailbox with nsfw images.
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• 3/20/2015

Ayakashi Closing Notice

Enough said.
Tis' a sad day, my fellow ayakashi comrades...
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• 3/18/2015

AGG help center hiding our comments

I visited every day the Zynga AGG support center since the 12 of Feb and yesterday I noticed that the section "Questions and Answers" suddenly desappeared. The section was full of complains from players and (never answered) questions about the future of the game. I don't really understand what Zynga is supposed to achieve with this way of dealing with customers. Are they trying to hide the evidence of a general unsatisfaction?
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• 3/15/2015

Please rate my attack n defense

Asakura kageakira (max)
Amayamon (max)
Carbuncel garnet (max)
Queen of wand (max)
Ittan mommen (max)
Asakura kageakira (max)
Amayamon (max)
Preta porter (max)
Carbuncel garnet ( max)
Mara mousette (max)
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• 3/13/2015

Need help editing Fox Wan and Fox Too ' s info.

I'm using  a tablet  and editor on the wiki  isn't   compatable with my broswer.
For the longest time  i was wondering  what   the hell are those   things  Fox Wan  and Fox Too are holding. I remember  that they are   based on the   Fox statues   at Inari   shrines . So I   looked   up info on that.  On Wikipedia   I   saw a picture   of a Fox statue with a key in its mouth. The   key is the same shape as the weapons  they  are   holding! So I'm guessing   thier   weapons are  giant  keys to the   treasure  of heaven.
If someone   can post this trivia  on both of thier pages for   me ,  I'd   be greatful.
Lol the Kingdom   Hearts  fan in me screamed   "Key Blade"!
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• 3/11/2015

Is Bikuni worth it?

Hi all you bored out people! ^^
I'm sorry for asking this for like the 100th time, but is Bikuni work maxing to lvl 70 (I want a straight answer/advise before proceeding ^^)? Or is it just a waste of silver and time and mags...? O.o I have 2 Chiyome WS and 2 4* phantom increasers: Battle Elephant Queen and Queen of Swords. When I use the simulator with the two 4*, the difference is 3 sp cost and 980 atk, plus 2% pahntom attack increase (from Bikuni).
Thanks to anyone that answers this, and I don't know if I'm posting it in the "right" place either, so... (since I know I shouldn't post it in the Witching Hour forum ^^")
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• 3/13/2015

My guild thingy is recruting!

were a friendly and active guild looking for 4 new members right now
you can find us on the 4th page if you look for "midnight"

level limit is set to 40+ for now (strong cards aka. lotsa 5* are a plus)
if your interessted in joining leave a msg
<.< .=. >.>
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• 3/11/2015

Fairly new to the game, need some opinions on my team

Hello everyone! I'm a free user that joined AGG about a month ago. I'm doing pretty well atm, but I had poor luck during witching hour event and collecting Kyu SS took forever for me. 
To the point, as the title suggests I would like to hear your opinion on my team.
Attack Team (21967)
Giara (my first 5*!)
Ittan Momen
Hare of Inaba
Cat Sith
Zhou Yu
Defense Team (17986)
Marsh Kappa
The level of all Daemons is above 30 except for Giara, Zhou Yu, Marsh Kappa, Kyu and Nene. I would really like to sell Giara, but since daily rewards aren't here for now (damn you, Zynga!) removing her would be reckless. That's why she's low-leveled as I hesitate to invest in her stats. As a side note, is there a tips for collecting Lady Suzuka? I can obtain her blue and orange SS from story mode. Is she more difficult to obtain than Kyu? I know her stats are crappy and all, but she shoul be useful for a free user like me.
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